Asahi tower project location – updated information

Asahi tower project location – updated information

Du an Asahi Tower Located in a convenient location through the Central District and especially in the heart of the surrounding city is a busy residential development. Asahi Tower Project  is an ideal real estate investment.

– With the area of ​​the project is: 9500 m2

– With Construction area: 437 m2

– With a construction density of: 34.22%

– Coefficient of land use: 3.45

– And The total number of platforms is: 67 platforms

– The project is located at Asahi Tower Street in Ward 7, District 8.

– The project connects to Nguyen Van Linh Boulevard in District 7 (1km away) is the gateway road to the Western provinces and is one of the most beautiful roads of the city today connected to the financial urban area. Phu My Hung with existing busy urban centers District 1 and District 5.

–  The front of Vo Van Kiet  Street is 60m wide, connecting with Nguyen Van Linh Boulevard and in the future will connect to the East-West Boulevard when the bridge over Phu Dinh wharf is built.

– Pham The Hien route connects to the center of District 8, District 5 where there are very active economic activities.

Asahi tower project location - updated information

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